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Aquascaping (english Edition)

Aquascaping (english Edition)
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Oliver Knott - Aquascaping Handbook for new aquascapers

English Edition, Translation Ulrike Bauer

Aquascaping is the modern way of designing artful aquarium layouts, of creating harmonious surroundings for aquatic plants and animals, and of setting up an aesthetically pleasing, attractive lifestyle accessory for your living room or office.

The art of aquascaping is - quite unjustly - considered rather complicated and a lot of work. However, the famous, award-winning aquarium layout designer Oliver Knott shows in this book that even beginning aquascapers can create a great, easy-to-maintain layout with some basic knowledge and a bit of intuition.

In this practical how-to, he gives step-by-step layout instructions for three exemplary beginners' aquarium kits of different price levels, and many practical hints and tipps for the setting up of aquascapes that are both beautiful and easy to maintain.

  • Umfang: 96 Seiten
  • Abbildungen: 200 photos
  • Einband: Hardcover

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